Sweater help?

One of my friends has asked if I could make him a sweater. I’ve looked around and done some research but. I still have a question.

• how much yarn would it take to crochet or Tunisian crochet a sweater for someone who wears a size medium normally?
• any tips or recommendations to make the process easier?

Thank you uso much!!!


if you use a specific pattern on ribblr, it typically tells you how much yarn you’ll need!


It will depend on your yarn weight, hook size etc. Def look for a pattern and make sure it specifies the amount of yarn you need.

For a medium sized adult sweater in worsted weight I’d hazard a guess of 2500 -3000 yards.

I’ve only knit and crocheted some, it might be more, due to ‘crochet’ usually using more yarn than knitting