Sweet and Snuggles

I DO NOT recommend Sweet and Snuggles yarn for amigurumi! I am trying to make a pink bear out of it…
The tail just completely falls apart! I’ve learned to burn the ends to keep it from fraying but it doesn’t work when sewing! The yarn will start to fall apart where your needle is! If anyone has any tips please tell me! I need help.


What i do to prevent it from falling off is tying the end of it! I do that with most of my plush yarn :grin:


Use a large eye plastic needle. I really dont have many issues with it at all, and its one i primarily use for amigurumi. I find though that if you use metal darning needles it tends to get stuck more. Also be sure to guide smoothly and not to “pull tight” until you have almost all the yarn pulled through.


When using this yarn giver yourself a longer tail to sew with, I use sweet snuggles lite all the time for amigurumi. As well, don’t pull super hard on the yarn tails, and move around where the needle is pulling on the tail to prevent breakage in one spot


There’s a big difference between the bulky sweet and snuggles and the sweet and snuggles lite.

The bulky one sheds like crazy and is of poorer quality compared to premier parfait.