Sweet Snuggle Yarn issues?

Hello! I hope this is an ok question to ask on here. I have been using Michael’s Sweet Snuggles yarn for a while now and really have preferred the look and feel of my finished amigurumi projects made with it over things like bernat blanket. However, just in the past few weeks I have been having an issue I never did before…the yarn is splitting in multiple places as I crochet or weave in ends. I am used to the shedding and it doesn’t really bother me-but having these big patches where it bunches and then just breaks apart is maddening, especially when trying to sew pieces together. I’ve tried tying and burning the ends, but they aren’t the issue-it’s throughout the yarn!
Does anyone else have experience or advice? I’m considering switching to a different chenille yarn soon if I can’t figure this out!


This happens in certain batches. I find that white tends to have the most issues. I would contact their costumer support and ask about it, make sure you have the lot number and label to give relevant info. I’ve been refunded sometimes.

Unfortunately, the only way to work around it is to crochet a little less “aggressively” but ultimately it may be unusable if it’s affecting the entire skein.


Yes! It also keeps breaking every time I barely pull on it. I really like the feel but its almost not worth it for how much effort it takes to actually crochet with it.