Take time for self care

I’m sure that we are all busy in our lives, and whether you are single or part of a family which you care for, sometimes we don’t make time for ourselves. I’ve made it a point to take time to treat myself kindly and with love just like I do for my family. I do that with my crochet & designing. It brings me joy & is something I look forward to every day. Working with our hearts & hands, being productive and creative, it is designed in us for a reason, find yours. The joy is in the making.:yarn:


Perfectly said :clap:


I have a really hard time taking time for myself. I have 4 children, one a toddler, so they take a lot of my time. I guess, in a way, crocheting is my me time, even though I’m always making for others, haha


I hear you Wendy, my boys are older now, but my hook n yarn went with me all the time, waiting in the school pick up line was one of my favorites. Remember it’s harder to do for those you love and care for if you don’t also self care for you. We do it for them, because of them. :yarn:


Yes yes! Self care is so important. I appreciate this reminder especially now :people_hugging::purple_heart: