TEGNA question

Fellow knitters. I am working on the beautiful Tegna by Caitlin Hunter for my daughter for Christmas and am wondering if you can assist me with the short row shaping. The pattern instructs you to do Rows 1, 2,3,4 and then to repeat Rows 3 &4 a total of 6 times more. Then continue with Rows 5 & 6. Does that mean I will complete rows 3 & 4 6 times each side or 3 times each side do you think? My stitch count is spot on but either way I do the short rows (and I’ve frogged back the short rows 4 times now) while I have the exact number of stitches for the shoulders and the back, the formula isn’t working. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hey, unfortunately I can’t help with your question but if you got this pattern here on Ribblr then you have an option to message the designer directly within the pattern!


Hello, If you have an instagram account, you can probably message Natalie from Knitty Natty. She also has a knitting podcast on youtube. She’s made this pattern just resently and talks a lot about it. She’s super nice and would be very helpful. Hope this works.