[TEMPERALY CLOSED]Tester call for Crochet: Warm Wool Mittens

I need testers for my Warm Wool Mittens -
They are so comfy! I need end photo results and bulky yarn is the only thing to use that is required! Otherwise, feel free to change it slightly to fit your hands better, change colors, or whatever! Please use single-crochet though! Thanks!
The deadline is 3 days (it took me 3 hours to make the medium mittens)
Edit: Please also let me know how the pattern goes, easy to read and follow, etc
Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:


It appears the photo didn’t load all the way, you have to wait until it shows 100% uploaded and it disappears for it to show


Hi! I did not have a photo of these mittens. I gave them as a gift and had the pattern written down. I put the pattern on Ribblr today, after finding it! So, I unfortunately do not currently have a photo.


i don’t wanna test w/o a pic of how it looks. im sure others would agree. im sorry


Could you whip up another pair for pictures? Im interested in being a tester


@littlemisswonderful and @HeatherChappell
Thank you for your feedback, I will add a photo after making another pair!


i see other people commenting about the picture so im glad youre adding one! But i also wanted to say only 3 days for a deadline isnt the standard. most people have things come up and such and cant complete pattern tests ins such a short time as the point of pattern testing is to test thoroughly and write notes as you go to help the pattern maker with any mistakes or confusing parts, the standard is a week or at least close to OR more if its a larger project

Just wanted to give you a heads up!


Presumably there are some pictures of the mittens in your pattern you could use for the test call?
Even for small, simple designs, crocheters like to see pix from a few angles of the finished project, and pix in the pattern for key construction steps. For a mitten adding the thumb gusset often raises questions. Good luck with your test!

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