Tension tips

Do you have any tension tips? I am a big beginner and need some help.


Theres a youtube video on tension! Theres also a pattern I have for a crochet tension regulator

Do you crochet or knit? Theres also a lot of youtube videos on tension, but thats more like wrapping around your fingers which also a good way for both crochet and knit!


I noticed a difference if I lay back in the recliner, or sit up straight. Lots of practice.


Id say to practice your tension as a beginner would be to start small. When I first started crochet, I started with learning a simple granny square! A granny square is basically repeating the same thing all the way around in rounds. It helped me learn tension. I think this would help you too. And dont worry! You will accomplish it soon :heartbeat:


I like to crotchet more. Thank you for the tip! Can you also post that link or tell me what it is called?


Thank you guys so much!


Practice holding your yarn in a loose way. It does help with tension. Also posture helps too.

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For me tensioning is hard, but I find using a ergonomic hook and wrapping my pinkey finger around my yarn helps with tensioning

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Weaving the yarn around your fingers like this might help.


Thanks for all the tips!

I dont know the link, just go on youtube and search up “crochet tension regulator”

Simple patterns like dish cloths are great practice. The more you crochet the more you’ll get a feel for it.

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You can use a tension ring,

My daughter got me one about three years ago. However, I’d already been crocheting for 13 years or so. I tried it, tho.

I think the rings are better for someone who hasn’t developed any “muscle memory” for regulating tension.

So, if you’re brand new, might give it a go.

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