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After just frogging a part of a pattern, I thought of an idea. @Ribblr Is there a way you can attach something to patterns that say they were tested here. Who the testers were would be helpful , if we know the quality of their tests. Either way, it would help to encourage testing, and I probably would not have picked the pattern. Now I am stuck with it (can’t delete it) and really don’t want to make it :frowning:

Editing for further consideration.
I was just thinking if the journal was there it could maybe have a tester badge on it. Could be an easy way to do this.

(But, when I click on a journal for said pattern, it takes me to all the crafter’s makes and I have to scroll through them. Could you fix that so it goes to the specific one? Is that a separate request? Sorry. This portion has been solved. It was just me)


Clicking on a make at the bottom listing page of a pattern should take you directly to that make. Can you double check if that works?


It doesn’t always. It did more today than usual though. I will try to get a video and show you.

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Thanks, we look forward to it.

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Oh my. I am not as good with technology as I used to be. As I was filming a video, I was watching what I did through my phone camera. It made me pay more attention to where I was clicking. It seems there are 2 separate clicks available. One (green line) goes to the make, and one (red line) goes to the maker. Oops, sorry. But thanks for helping me anyway.

Still would like a tester badge on the journals though. Thoughts on that?

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Thanks for clarifying!
We’ve logged you input regarding the tester badge idea :blush: