Tester Call: Adjustable Bucket Hat Crochet Pattern


I’m so excited to announce my very first pattern tester call! My pattern will be releasing once all testers have provided feedback, and the exact date will be posted when I have a set date. I will be choosing 6 testers to test this adjustable bucket hat pattern! It allows you to make it smaller or bigger, and even add ruffles - because everyone is unique!

:womans_hat: Must follow me
:womans_hat: Like, favourite and share this post to your story
:womans_hat: Comment which yarn you would use
:womans_hat: Have an active crochet account (amigurumi incl.)
:womans_hat: Be able to complete the pattern no later than 31st May 2024

Once tested, this pattern will be released on my Etsy!

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so cute! gl with testing!


On Ribblr you aren’t allowed to make other socials a requirement! You can make it optional though! You would also need to release it on Ribblr


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