Tester call for Crochet: Alpine Stitch Stanley Cup Carrier [CLOSED]

Hello my crafty friends! I recently created a Stanley Cup carrier bag as a custom birthday gift and I want to share the pattern with all of you! But first, I need some help testing it out.

Here is what I’m looking for:

:sunflower: The due date will be the end of the day 2024-07-06T06:00:00Z
-Please let me know if you need some extra time. I can work with you!

:sunflower: 5-8 testers
(Chosen on 2024-06-24T00:00:00Z)

:sunflower: A journal is required and I would appreciate a social media post of the finished product mentioning my shop name (StudioRhi), and tagging my IG (studio.of.rhi) if you have an account to post on.

:sunflower: It is important to sizing that you use a medium (weight 4) yarn and a 5.5 mm hook to match the estimated size, but any yarn color of choice is fine.
If your yarn seems to be too thin or think for the recommended hook size, you can use a different hook size to adjust.

This pattern was created for a 40z Stanley Cup with a handle (or equivalent). You are welcome to adjust the size of the pattern as written to fit a handled water bottle of another size.

If you choose to use a different hook size, or to adjust the written pattern for a different size, please make a note of the hook size and/or the dimensions of the finished cup carrier in your review journal. :slight_smile:

:sunflower: l am looking for feedback on the following:

  • Any typos or math errors you find in the pattern
  • Any recommendations on making the pattern easier to follow
  • A photo of the finished product along with feedback is also required (this can either be in your journal or through messaging)

:moneybag: This will likely be a paid pattern, but I haven’t nailed down a price yet. (I’d appreciate input on that from my testers, as well). Be on the lookout for a giveaway soon, though!

If you’d like to apply, please comment the :sunflower: below to show you’ve read and understand the requirements and share what color you would make your cup carrier. Thanks for you help and support everyone! :yellow_heart:

Click pattern photo to apply:
Alpine Stitch Stanley Cup Carrier


this is a good idea! I might apply later (:


My grandma and all my aunts including my mom have a Stanley, it’d be nice to make this for them. Just applied.

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I love the stitch that you chose. It makes it a beautiful concept on this pattern.

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I would love to test :sunflower:

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:sunflower: I would love to make this in purple.

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I would make it blue and pink. :sunflower:

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