Tester call for Crochet: any-pride-flag no-sew bee earrings

I need 2 testers for my any-pride-flag no-sew bee earrings - Crochet ePattern.
Click pattern photo to apply:


  • Be comfortable reading amigurumi patterns
  • Be able to complete the pattern 5-7 days after receiving it and give detailed feedback
  • If active on Instagram, make a post with the finished item to help promote the pattern
  • Each tester will be asked to make at least 2 bees (they take less than 30 min each to work up)!

Testers will be selected by the end of the week!


They are so cute! Good luck with testing :slight_smile:


thank you so much! i know we have plenty of bee patterns floating around but i’m hoping this one can bring a different flavor!


Cute!! I’d love to test, is it okay if I don’t have the earring backing shown in the photo?

definitely, please apply! making them into earrings is entirely optional. i’m really hoping for folks to give me feedback on the “any-pride-flag” modding schema!

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