Tester call for Crochet: Blue Monarch Butterfly tote bag

I need testers for my Blue Monarch Butterfly tote bag - Crochet ePattern
Due Date: 1 week
Additional Requirements:
Hi I need testers for my butterfly totebag. I want to post this pattern soon and I will only be asking for feedback on the intructions for the granny squares. You may still crochet the whole bag after the due date but I need the feeback for the individual granny squares within the week. I will be accepting 4-6 people maybe more.


  • you may use whatever colors you want
  • must make a journal post once you finish
  • be available to join a groupchat with other testers
  • must be able to finish a granny square within the week but does not need to finish the whole bag within the week

Requirements to join

  • follow me
  • tag 1-2 people
    -comment that you would like to join

Click pattern photo to apply:
Blue Monarch Butterfly tote bag


It adorable!! I wont be able to finish in time but good luck with testing!


I’d love to test but I have way too many tests I need to finish!! GL with testing though!!


It’s so cute! :smiling_face: :blue_heart: Good luck with the testing!


I would love to test for this beautiful bag it is so cute and I would definitely be using this all of the time @LoafOfBread


I would love to test! :butterfly:


Oh my! I need a new purse. :heart: :butterfly: :heart:
May I please test?

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i would love to test this granny square! idk if i can get the whole bag finished but ill see!
i would use the colours you used in 8ply acrylic yarn and a 4mm hook!
@LoafOfBread @EllaCrochetz


Sorry I have too many testers ): Beautiful though!

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Hiii again I already applied to be a tester I was just wondering when you would chose them?

I am just waiting for more people to apply before choosing. You can expect for testers to chosen by either tomorrow or Thursday. I hope this helped :grin:


Thank you I appreciate it

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I would like to join. I’d be happy to test this.

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Do you still need testers?

This is so cute I just can’t test at the moment :sob:

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Hi sorry but i have found all the testers. I do have another tester call up though for a different bag. I see that you have signed up :slight_smile:

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So pretty! Goodluck with testing!

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