Tester call for Crochet: Bori the Poodle

Hello everyone, this is my very first pattern that I created, and I hope that I could have feedback from some of yall. This tester call include a white poodle head, (which can be attached on to some keychain) - Crochet ePattern
For this tester call I would love to have 8 crochet friends to try out the pattern

How to apply :
:purple_heart: Follow me @IceMintyCrochet
:purple_heart: Like this post
:purple_heart: Tag 2 of your friends and comment what yarn or color you would like to you.

Requirements :
:love_letter: You have a public and active crochet account
:love_letter: Be able to finish testing 5-7 days (July 4th) after receiving the pattern (Please apply only when you are sure you can complete it on time!)
:love_letter: Give me constructive feedback of the pattern :kissing_heart:
:love_letter: Provide good-quality photos of the product and post the final one on your account and tag me :hugs:

:paw_prints: This pattern will be in a PNG format only, and you must be able to read a written crochet pattern to participate. The PNG will be shared in a group chat with all testers.
:paw_prints: You CANNOT share this pattern with anyone else.

:two_hearts:I will choose testers on 27th June :sparkling_heart:
:raised_hands:Thank you so much for applying :hugs:Click pattern photo to apply:
Bori the Poodle


This looks so much like my grandparents dog bama- it’s so cute! Gl on testing!

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sooo cuteee!

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Reminds me of our dog. I miss her

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So sweet! We had a black poodle growing up :heavy_heart_exclamation:
May I please test?

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This is so cute! It looks so good to be your foray pattern!! I recently posted my first pattern for testers and got 3 applications. I’m so excited to have the chance to help out a fellow begginer designer. Good luck with testing! -xo, Lucy


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