Tester call for Crochet: Bow Crochet Pattern

I need testers for my Bow Crochet Pattern! I will pick testers on January 13. I am still working in the pictures for this pattern but I would like to know if anyone wants to do this pattern with me :ribbon:🩷 Let’s start this year CROCHETING ! Pattern testing is due January 18, 2024- Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:


I would also add the due date, when you’ll be picking testers, if a specific yarn/yarn color is needed and any other requirements you may have for testers, good luck with testing! :smile:


I’m testing this pattern, and I have a couple notes.

-I think there’s an extra turning chain at the end of row 8; I didn’t need it to sl st the one end to the other.

  • The picture helped, but it wasn’t entirely clear to turn and sl st down.
    -It also doesn’t say to fasten off the main bow part.

Am I leaving long tails on each piece when I fasten off?

On the middle tie, is the first row all sl st, or is that like the following rows, where you can do sc?

Under Assembly, I recommend removing this phrase: “I think this step is self explanatory but just in case…”
-When you say “put your Bow Tail under your Main Bow,” do I sew it on in the middle, or literally place it under the Main Bow and tie it on?

  • Are the “extra tails” to connect them my tails from fastening off? I’d make a note when you say to fasten off to leave long tails.
    -For the Middle Tie, do I just stitch the ends together, or should I stitch the whole length of it to the Main Bow? I ended up just stitching the ends of the tie together, and then when I was hiding the tails, I put a couple stitches through the whole bow so it couldn’t slide around.
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Ta da! The bow is super cute! The pattern, on my opinion, could use a little cleaning up, but now I want to make a ton of these!

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I realized I took a picture of the back, where my seam was.

This bow is so cute! I think the pattern could use a little tidying up, but it’s a great bow.


Thank you so much for being a tester ! I cleaned up the pattern and I hope that it can be easier to read :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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