Tester call for Crochet: Bunny Pattern

I need testers for my Bunny with a carrot bag Pattern. I’m looking for some talented crocheters who will help me find any mistakes or things that need improvement! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Due Date: 10 days from receiving the pattern

Additional Requirements:

  • Have some of your work displayed so I can see it
  • Follow me
  • Help promote my pattern on social media
  • Provide feedback and any mistakes + at least one final photo for me to use in the tester appreciation posts and page in the pattern before the due date.
  • Optional: Let me know what colors/ yarn you’d use and if you’d make any accessories.

That’s all! :sparkling_heart: Thank you so much!

Tester call is also up on my instagram if you’d like to test there! @crochetsandloops

Please do not copy or reproduce my pattern in any way! Thank you!

Click pattern photo to apply:
Bunny Pattern


I would make a brown or white bunny… Maybe mix it depends on how much I have​:sweat_smile: I would maybe make a blueberry bag cause orange is just not a color that is ever in stock in my area​:sob:


That’s so cute :pleading_face: I would love to test it, I will be using acrylic yarn and a 2.5mm hook and maybe a light pinkish color :sweat_smile:


Omg I love how you added shaping to the cheeks of this bunny! I think I would use my gray velvet yarn and 3,5 mm hook for the bunny and thin acrylic orange and green yarn for the bag. I have active crochet account on Instagram (@ayanocrochets), I could post a photo and a couple of reels with this plushie. I am on vacation till 13th, but I think I could complete this in a day or two so if deadline is past 18th I would have enough time.


I’d make mine baby blue with a gummy bear purse :purple_heart:


This is so cute. I’d love to test for you


thats adorable!! I would love to test! My first option for yarn would be bernat blanket but If I dont have enough of that ill use acrylic, and I would make the accessories!


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