Tester call for Crochet: Candy cane holder

I need testers for my Candy cane holders I am looking for 3-5 people. It is a really fast work up. I will be picking testers on Friday 12/15. - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:


I can’t see a photo. You can apply by clicking on the little round, but an actual photo would come in handy to know what it is :smiling_face:


I would also add the due date, when you’ll be picking testers, if a specific yarn/yarn color is needed and any other requirements you may have for testers, also it appears you posted the topic before the photo was done uploading, you’ll have to wait until the uploading shows 100% then disappears assuming you do have a photo, good luck with testing! :smile:


I’m not sure why the picture didn’t show. I will try to get a picture on here in just a few minutes.

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also curious if there’s a due date. You mentioned it’s a fast workup, but having a due date helps.


I haven’t decided on a due date yet


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