Tester call for Crochet: DRESS-UP BUNNY

I am looking for 5 crocheters to test this intermediate-level pattern for a bunny!

Click pattern photo to apply:

:sparkles:Be able to finish testing and send me a final photo + feedback before August 14 and post your final work on your ribblr

:sparkles:Use 4-ply yarns of any weight for the entire work as we need to split yarn for some small pieces. (I use Fine/sport yarn)

:sparkles:I use a 3.00mm hook for the major piece, 2.50mm for the collar, and 2.00mm for the beg.

:sparkles:You need to finish 1 bunny body, 1 top with collar, 1 bloomer, 1 pair of Mary Janes shoes, 1 bowknot headband, and 1 tulip bag; you don’t need to finish the lace and embroidery part on the pattern.

:sparkles:I am writing another overall pattern for this bunny. If you like it, you can keep testing the next pattern.

:sparkles:Give me some feedback and let me know if anything is missing or any mistakes.

:sparkles:I will choose testers in 2 days.


It’s so cute I would love to test it

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This is so cute! I adore bunnies

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I’m interested in testing! I do not currently have beads but can handle all the crochet parts. Would that be a deal breaker? I would be able to place an order soon but don’t want to jinx the timing!

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It’s ok if you don’t have beads. No problem!

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This bunny is super cute!!! I would love to test this pattern out :heart:!

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I would love to test this pattern, its super cute! My only question before applying to be a tester is about the yarn, you said you use 4 ply and then split it to be a smaller weight? Is that essentially just unwinding the yarn into two separate smaller weight balls?

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Yes, I use 4 ply yarn to split it to be a smaller weight. Just for some small pieces, you only need to cut a length of yarn to split to 2 or 3 ply.

That is an absolutely adorable looking bunny! Good luck with testing :grin:

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