Tester call for Crochet: Flask the Two-Headed Arctic Tern

I need testers for my Flask the Two-Headed Arctic Tern - Crochet ePattern
Due Date: 7/19/24

Click pattern photo to apply:
Flask the Two-Headed Arctic Tern

Additional Requirements: I am looking for 4-6 testers for Flask. If you need more time or are unable to finish please let me know. You can make him with one head or two.

You will need:
*2mm hook
*3mm hook
*8mm eyes
*Weight 4 yarn in white
*Weight 4 yarn in light gray
*Weight 4 yarn in black
*Weight 4 yarn in orange
*Stuffing, yarn needle for sewing, scissors

You can substitute the yarn and hooks for any you like as long as the colors stay similar and the hooks are one mm in difference. Please send feedback on anything that needs fixing/clarification like missed stitch counts, numbers off, the way things sound, etc.

I’ll choose testers hopefully tomorrow evening or the day after! Thank you to anyone who applies!!


So pretty! GL with testing!

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i might need more time, but flask seems very precious and i’d be grateful to test him :face_holding_back_tears:


Can do, thanks!


I had the pleasure of testing twing the two headed parrot so I’d love to test flask as well!


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