Tester call for Crochet: Flippits, a twirling, flipping and poppit style quiet fidget toy

Hii friends! My newest pattern is ready for testing! This pattern is for my Flippits Fidgets design, a quiet twirling and poppit style crochet fidget stim toy!

The basics of the pattern are done and I am planning on adding the photos to each step this weekend.

I will be limiting testing to approx 4 people, and I will be closing the testing call after 24 hrs.

Testing begins on Friday Nov 3rd. If you apply but do not get picked to test this particular pattern, I will place you on a wait list so you will be notified and be some of the first to apply for testing my next pattern.

I’d like to have testing done in 1 weeks time, deadline for finishing testing is Friday, 10th of Nov.

It takes me maybe half hour to make each version, and I would like testers to make both the Froggy Version and Original Flippit.

Please DO NOT apply to test IF you cannot complete this pattern in time, AND ALSO either create a journal of your make, or message me with feedback by the deadline! Folks who are unresponsive to messages during testing will be blocked from further testing. If you end up needing an extension on the deadline, please please communicate with me and we can work something out. Thank you!

If you want, you can reply to this post with what yarn you are planning on using for testing, I’d love to see your color combos! (when you interact with me more often, I am more likely to pick you for testing, so replying with photos and comments does help your chances of being picked, for either this or future tests)

Good luck and happy crocheting!

I need testers for my Flippits, a twirling, flipping and poppit style quiet fidget toy - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:


is it no sew?


Ooo I’m interested it’s looks super cool, I’m applying


no sewing except for if you embroider the frogs eyes and mouth (and weaving in the ends)


I would love to test! I think I would use a dark green worsted weight yarn.


Hi my birthday and my twins birthday is soon. This would be a really cool birthday gift to her :slight_smile:


I love this pattern idea! I think this would be so fun to make! I have lots of neon colored acrylic yarn that I think they would be fun to make with.


Id love to test this for my kids who have adhd, dyslexia, odd, and anxiety. They seem to do better with fidgit type toys while doing work.


I’d love to be a tester and make some for my kiddo, and his classroom as they’re always looking for sensory input toys, and they look fun to make!


this looks so intresting!! i saw that there were already 5 testers but im just going to shoot my shot :smiling_face: i would love to try it with different types of yarn!


Hoi, id love to test , theyre so cute!
I love fidgits especially silent ones.
I just wanted to be upfront that I’m currently testing 2 other projects. I know some pattern makers dont like when their testers work on multiple patterns, so you dont have to choose me if thats the case <3


Testers have been selected, tester call is closednow. Thank you to all who applied! If you applied and did not get selected, i will ne placing you on a waitlist so i can message you for first dibs on my next pattern test