Tester call for Crochet: Gingerbread Trinket Box

Hi everyone this is my first Christmas pattern of the season! Feel free to use during the holiday or how ever long you want to keep this out! I need 4 or 5 testers to test my gingerbread Trinket Box. You can use this to put your rings or bracelets in or use as a small giftbox. If youre interested in testing, please read below :christmas_tree:

:christmas_tree: Follow my shop so you dont miss future patterns :heartbeat: (Optional)
:christmas_tree: Must be willing to be in a tester groupchat, communication is a must in order to continue in the testing process
:christmas_tree: Yarn Requirements: Acrylic yarn (If you dont have acrylic yarn lmk)
:christmas_tree: Duedate: December 5th so next Tuesday!

:christmas_tree: Follow me on my Instagram @thatmerakichic !! This is optional! But, If you dont get selected to test my pattern dont worry! You can have an opportunity to participate in Decemeber Cal (Crochet along) on my instagram along with 2 other designers. So dont miss out!

I need testers for my Gingerbread Trinket Box - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:


ooh cute! love the candy cane doorframe thats such an awesome idea!


Oo its so cute and unique!


Applied :slight_smile:


That’s cool!! Good luck with testing :heart::heart:


I’m excited for your crochet along! This is such a cute pattern!

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