Tester call for Crochet: Granny Square Patchwork Bag

I need testers for my Granny Square Patchwork Bag - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

  • hoping for 2 or 3 week long testing period, and at least 3 testers
    :heartpulse:please upload your finished product with a journal
    :heartpulse: not required but appreciated to keep a journal through making it
    :heartpulse:I will close testing in a week or less, but should be open for at least a few days
  • if there is anything that needs clearing up or explaining please email or send me a chat with the specific area that needs clarification​:heartpulse:

I finished half of a 380 yard “big twist” skein in white, and about anouther half skien of my multi colour yarn. Hook size 4.25


Looks cute! I can’t commit right now but I hope you get all of the testers you need :heart: Just because I know others will ask, are you requiring a certain yarn weight or hook size? What is the approximate yardage or oz of your pictured bag?


I would love to test. I could do it towards the end of next week.

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Hi! If you click on the photo it will let you apply to be a tester!

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