Tester call for Crochet: Headphone leaf

Hey crocheters, I need some testers for this little sprout for your headphones! It took me about 10 minutes to make, and it is beginner friendly, but you need to know treble, double, half double, single crochet and slip stiches. I put this as beginner friendly, but if anyone thinks this should be changed let me know!
You can use whatever color you want, but id recommend leaf colored that way it doesn’t look silly.
I used a weight 4 yarn and 4.00 mm hook and Id recommend that you use the same. If you are an only blanket yarn user and want to test, you can but im not entirely sure how it will turn out. I can always write another pattern for blanket yarn sprouts if anyone wants one.
Since its an easy pattern I’ll pick beginner testers or advanced testers.
Ill be picking testers Tomorrow, but if you see this after and you think you can finish it I’ll add you. You just need to pm me!
It will be due on October 3rd.
Have a great day :heartpulse:


Id love to test this
my friend just got new headphones and i so want to make this for him.


adorable!! 🩷🩷 good luck w testing!


@leaders could you close this test call please!