Tester call for Crochet: Hoppip

I need some testers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

✨ I’ll choose 10 testers and 8 photos to post on Instagram 
✨ Be able to finish the pattern in given time 
✨ Be able to catch typos and math mistakes
✨ Be able to define difficulty of the pattern
✨ No yarn/size/colour required 
✨ You’ll be added to chat group 

After you’re done with the pattern I require you to post journal for the pattern and make a post in chat group:

✨ PHOTO at least one with good quality light
✨ INFO: 
	-  weight of yarn you used
	-  hook size you used
	-  approximately how long did it take to finish 
	-  define difficulty of the pattern (beginner/intermediate/advanced)

Deadline for applying: 22.10.23
Deadline to finish and post required information: 31.10.23

After testing is done everyone who finish will get the pattern for free.
If you don’t finish in time or you won’t do what you’ve been asked for in this pattern testing you’’ll be banned for future testings.

I need testers for my Hoppip - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

I love it, it’s super cute! :heart_eyes:

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This is adorable :heart_eyes_cat:

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It’s very cute! My siblings love pokemon, so I would love to test this pattern!

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OMG it is so dang cute. I am SO obsessed with how cute your testers’ finished products on your IG. I just applied :grin:

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This is so cute​:heart_eyes:

I want to be a tester pls​:sparkles:

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Applied. Would love to test

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