Tester call for Crochet: Lena cropped vest (with/without sleeves)

Hello guys!

I already launched a previous tester call for my Sylphide top (it’s ongoing) but I wanted to have one of the other patterns I have in stock to be tested out so here it is !

I need testers for my Lena cropped summer vest (with or without sleeves)

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Please take the time to read this carefully before applying.

:sparkles:Due Date: July 30th/ 31st -in a month-
If you need more time, we can discuss it out !
:sparkles: Release date : August 1st

Note that I used some mohair yarn to have the flowy effect but I don’t know if when made out of only cotton, bamboo or even acrylic yarn it will still come out this way so I would like to have people trying this option out so that I can see if it really works for everyone !

Additional Requirements:

:bangbang:EDIT : I forgot to mention that earlier but this pattern is a made-to-measure one and can’t be done longer than what I did if you don’t feel comfortable in cropped clothes :bangbang:
:sparkles: A journal with a minimum of two (good quality) photos
:sparkles: Once you are engaged, if you want to quit the experience for whatever reason, take the time to tell me. If you have some big assignments to hand over or exams think thoroughly before applying.
:sparkles: What I used : quarter of 1 skein of 4mm white acrylic yarn, one big skein of 4-5mm grey cotton yarn, 3 cakes of pink mohair and a 5.5 mm hook
Infos more precise in my replies below !

Click pattern photo to apply:

Just so you are sure your application was taken in, click on the photo, a little banner will appear at the bottom of your phone asking if you want to be a tester click on ´yes’ and that’s it !

Lena cropped vest (with/without sleeves)


This looks so cute! Could i see some more pics of the vest? ,3


Oh yes here they are !


So cute! also how many grams/meters is 1 skein of yarn that u used?


The white one is a dmc knitty 4,
100 grams, 280 m (used more or less than a quarter of it). The pink mohair cakes were a gift so I don’t really know sorry​:sob:. The grey yarn was a 100 grams one as well, 238 m.
This is what I used for my size (XS-S)


Really cute! Good luck with testing :blush:

Lmk if you need any editing help ( checking grammer etc)


Oh that’s so sweet ! Yeah actually why not ! I like that idea


This is lovely :blush: Just applied! Looks like you used fine/weight 2 yarn for this, I have a ton of Yarnart Jeans (acrylic + cotton), plus I have some soft 100% cotton I could use, if you have a preference :slight_smile:


Oh honestly idk which to choose :sob: but the name Yarnart only makes me go for this one

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I would love to test this, but I’m wondering if it would be okay if I made in tiny (stuffed animal or doll size), so I would have a finished example to show my baby sister (lmao she’s 33 yrs old) to see if she would like one in her favorite colors. @Neogotmyback


Oh that’s a great idea ! You could be part of the test I think since it’s made to measure but the yarn might be thinner maybe ? What do you think about it ?


I would use crochet (lace) thread, and a 2mm or smaller hook. @Neogotmyback


Good luck with the testing then ! I’ve added you to the gc.
By the way, I hope I’m not wrong but with this size hook and this type of yarn, isn’t this called micro-crocheting? It’s just for my culture :sob:


Yes it is!


Oh thanks !

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