Tester call for Crochet: Makeup Remover Wipe

I need testers for my Makeup Remover Wipe -

I am only taking 6 testers for this.

I need 3 to do ones the exact same size as the ones in the pattern and 3 to do them slightly bigger.

Must use cotton yarn!!!

Must make a journal!!!

You can use any color but I used white (I was testing how they worked better than cotton balls on my business TikTok)

Needs to be done by this Saturday, October 14th (not allowing any extensions to get it done, the pattern is getting released October 15th at

I need the testers to make sure that this pattern can be done bigger than the original size and I need testers to make sure this pattern makes sense.

Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:


I don’t use makeup but this looks super cute! Gl with testing <3


I don’t use make up but I work with mostly women. I could make it and give you feedback on the pattern and then gift the wipe to a coworker. If you want feedback on functionality as well I could have them give me their feedback.


I went ahead and applied!

What should have only taken a few minutes was made significantly more time consuming by cat and toddler.
I used a smaller yarn, the pattern was easy to follow and it’s so soft. I’m going to use it for regular face washing. Or I may never see it again. Only the cat and toddler know.


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I’m not the OP, but in the post it says journals are required :heart:

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Thanks! I’ll make another one and document the process. I have so many things going on in life, I didn’t even pay attention to that part.

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