Tester call for Crochet: Mini doll ella

I need testers for my Mini doll ella - Crochet ePattern
Due Date: may 30th
Additional Requirements:none
Click pattern photo to apply:
Mini doll ella

Hi there is no requirements for this doll except that it has to be small haha I think she is so cute and the due date is may 30th please post pics in your journal thank you for your time


She’s cute! She reminds of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. When are you choosing testers? I won’t know for a day or 2 whether or not I can apply.


Ok probably in 3 days or so thank you


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Please close this test

If you want to close this test, you have to edit the title. Add the word ‘closed’ in parenthesis before the rest of your title. Your test will close automatically within a few hours.

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