Tester call for Crochet: Mini Moose +Alt. Christmas Version

I need testers for my Mini Moose +Alt. Christmas Version - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

Hello my fellow humans! I hope you’ve prepared your face windows for a fun throwback pattern.

Travel back to 2001 with me and make your very own Mini Moose- He’s an unstoppable death machine, you know. And you can make your very own just in time for Christmas!

To Test, you need:

the yarn already or to be able to get it here soon.
Normal: velvet yarn in purple, grey, white, and black
Christmas: medium 4 yarn in brown and darker grey

Since this pattern requires more sewing/assembly, the deadline is going to be Friday December 8th

Once you’ve completed the pattern, you’ll need to post a journal and give feedback on the pattern.

Happy Creating, my fellow Earthlings! :flying_saucer:


I have all the yarn needed and can start today if chosen​:blush:


I just approved you! I’m going to make a tester message once I get a few more testers


Yay!! So so excited to make this, thank you!:smiling_face:


I would love to test this pattern if it is still available, is there still a way that I can do it without velvet yarn? I have many colors of medium 4 yarn.


I think it should be okay with Medium 4 so long as you try to match the color scheme. I don’t really know how well the belt of bells will turn out if they’re the same material though. So Bells can be optional

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I would love to be chosen. I have velvet in black, grey, white, and tan. Would you be okay if I adjusted the colors to substitute out the purple if I can’t find it?

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That would be okay. I’ve seen some illustrations of him in brown/tan, so that would work

Thank you!

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Okay. I’ll try to get the purple, I wanted to check, just in case they don’t have it.

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Omfg :scream_cat: I want to test this I would definitely travel back to 2001 I was only 13 that year so it would be nice to not have painful joints lol

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Won’t be able to make that timeline but looking forward to the day it drops. I love bug eyed critters.

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