Tester call for Crochet: mini strawberry octopus pattern

tester call for my mini strawberry octopus pattern !!
hi guys, this is my first ever amigurumi pattern and i think it turned out super cute (:
more info:
:strawberry:i would call this a beginner-intermediate pattern, i want to make sure as many people as possible can make it
:octopus:it will be a free for followers pattern after testing so no worries if you’re not selected (:
:strawberry:i’ll be choosing 5-10 testers, likely tomorrow but it’ll depend on when i have enough applications
:octopus:the due date will be may 14th, so two weeks from being selected
:strawberry:i used weight 6 yarn, but there are no yarn requirements
:octopus:if you have an instagram where you can post this/so i can tag you that would be awesome!
and i believe @alleballe135777 wanted to be tagged
alright that was a lot lol, i hope you guys enjoy!
Click pattern photo to apply:


so cute!!! i would love to test <3


i can get it done by that time and probably by the day after you send out the patterns ill follow you if you let me test its so cute! :heart_eyes:


awwwwwww so cuteee


thank you so much for tagging me! i will apply now! this pattern is adorble and i hope you find some good testers! +me lol


that;s the cutest freaking thing everrrr
immediately applied!


SUCH A CUTIE PIE! :heart_eyes:

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Aww so cute! I applied ofc :upside_down_face:

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