Tester call for Crochet: mothbag

hey guys!! I’m holding a tester call for my mothbag. it comes in two versions, a luna moth and a maple moth, but they both have the same bag base. my requirements for this are:

  • have a crochet related account on insta (my account is @/mothcrafts there as well)
  • finish in the one allocated month
  • be willing to enter a group chat on insta so that I can communicate with everybody more easily
  • provide feedback/well lit photos
  • help promote the pattern when it comes out

if you’re interested apply! thank you!


Omg! This pattern looks amazing, I would love to test :heart: my insta is @zeps_craft_corner


i’d love to test but dont have insta sorry


this pattern is so beautiful !! id love to test but i sadly hv too much on my plate rn, good luck !!~


I would love to test but I don’t have a crochet specific insta :frowning:
I do post my crochet to my normal insta!

Would really appreciate it if you would consider me anyway!

Thank you :star_struck:


Ahhh so cute!:face_holding_back_tears: I’ve been obsessed with making bags lately :sob: I’d love to test! My insta: @lupes.stitches

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Such a stunning piece!!

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So beautiful

I would love to test, but to be honest the requirement of having a crochet-specific insta is a huge throw-off for me. That requirement is going to disquallify or disinterest a lot of potential testers and I’m sorry it’s on here.

This pattern is super cute and I hope you get all the testers you need.

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omg these are so cute! i would love to test! my crochet ig is @/earth2caroline.fiber.art

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Yess i Can only have one insta which is my personal instaa :((

Cute bag! I love the green moth detail on the black bag. I cant test right now i dont have enough yarn to do a bag! But if you need help as a tech editor to check grammer & such let me know. I can help you test that way :))) Hope you get all the testers you need! I recommend not making instagram a requirement to apply, as most users dont have an account.

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These are adorable :blush:

Not to be pushy but do you know when you will be picking testers? I am so keen to test this! :star_struck:

I’d love to test! My insta is @fluffy_macaw <33

@ _ fluffy _ macaw _ (no spaces but for some reason it takes away the dashes)

Omg so cute I’d love to test! My insta is @chronichaoticcrafts as well

Applied a few days ago but forgot to add my insta! its @bunberryco

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