Tester call for Crochet: No Sew Mini Carrot Keychain

Hi all, :wave:
I am looking for 3-5 testers (Maybe More) for my No Sew Mini Carrot Keychain - Crochet ePattern

Click pattern photo to apply:

Skills you need to know:

:carrot:Changing colours
:carrot:Magic Ring
:carrot:Working in continuous rounds

Important Information

:carrot: Testers will be chosen on Monday 4th at 8PM GMT
:carrot: You will have until the 11th of December to complete it! (I am flexible though)
:carrot: Journals need to be made with yarn weight and hook size in one of the entries
:carrot: If you do not message within 3 days to prove that you are starting, you will be removed and someone else will be chosen! (sorry)
:carrot: There are no Yarn requirements but if someone can try this with plush yarn, That would be great!
:carrot: At least One good quality photo of the finished Project (No keychain Needed)
:carrot: Pattern will be gifted upon completion
:carrot: This will be a free pattern available to followers!


OMG so cute!! Applied!! :purple_heart:


As my previous post was flagged?? I was saying that it was sooo cute!! and our names are the same!


Btw I realise now that my carrott looks like it has strawberry leaves!

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But if you brush the leaves upwards then it looks more like a carrot

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It would be great to get some more testers before tommorow!

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so adorable! would love to test

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Omg its so cuteee


Thanks for applying! :smile:

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Thanks to all that applied, out of everyone that applied, is anyone using plush yarn??!

10 applications!!! :smile: :clap:

I would be up to trying plush yarn if you still require a tester for this​:heart:

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Testers have not been selected yet, so do apply!! however this will not be a garantee that you are selected, sorry! :frowning_face:


If you were selected, you will be messaged shortly, If you weren’t, don’t worry, I will have other tests coming out in the next few weeks! :frog: :shushing_face:

@leaders please close!