Tester call for Crochet: One Love Wall Hanging

I need testers for my One Love Wall Hanging - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:
I’d love to have testing finished by August 19th. Worsted weight yarn (any type is fine. I used cotton) 4.0mm hook. The pattern instructs of color changes for the colors I chose. If you want to choose different colors that will be fine(you’ll have to decide/figure out where to place the colors you chose). The pattern includes a graph with color blocks as well as written instructions. I’m excited to see how you like this pattern! Thank you! :smiley:


I can test!

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Thank you so much!

How do u keep the color changes going without cutting it off? I went over the pattern and its not the style of patterns im used to. Plus im testing a sweater rn but im already 1/3 done w that and the deadline is next month. This is the first graph pattern I’d be working on so idk if it’ll be done by the deadline and i dont have the stick for it. Plus my hands have been hurting so thats another delay​:sweat: Its understandable if I cant test it anymore.

Hi , if you would still like to test it, I don’t mind extending the deadline to give you a chance to work on this pattern. I’ll look for a YouTube video to show you an example of how to carry the yarn along without cutting it. For the dowel , you can improvise if you have some thing else that might work like a chopstick, or a firm straw or something like that. Even a twig from a tree can work. Otherwise, the dowels can easily be found, and are inexpensive at most craft stores. Please let me know if you’d like to continue or if you want to cancel the testing for this pattern. Either way is fine :innocent:

I think its better if i cancel the testing cause that style of charts is a little too advanced for me but if you’re looking for round projects in the future then I’d be happy to test those but for now i think i finish a test and research charts. Thank you for the opportunity though!

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