Tester call for Crochet pattern: Wrap Top & Skirt (closed)

I need testers for my Wrap Top & Skirt - Crochet ePattern

I have finally completed the pattern for this simple and cute summer outfit.
I am currently looking for 3-5 testers. Testing requirements are below:

  1. Testers will need to Journal their progress ( at least one full entry at the end of the testing).
  2. Testers will have 2 weeks to finish their completed works.
  3. Testers will need to give any and all feedback
  4. Testers will also need to submit finished work photos of the outfit. (This does not mean you have to take a photo of yourself in the outfit, you can photo it alone, on a mannaquin, or on yourself)

Additionally, I do ask that if you post your testing on IG, please tag me @CountingStitches513

I am in the process of taking and uploading photos to the pattern; this will be done this weekend.

Testers will be assigned Monday 8/1/2022
The deadline for testing will be Monday 8/16/2022

Happy Crocheting!


Hi! I would love to test your pattern! Ive been interested in making crochet clothes so hopefully you choose me!


Sounds lovely I would like to be a tester for you. I have made some pieces of clothing of my own but am willing to help if needed. :blush:


I would love to test this pattern. I’ve been crocheting clothes more recently and I love learning to make new things


Sorry for the delay in uploading the photos.
I will be extending the deadline until Tuesday (8/2/22) to choose all testers as 2 additional testers would be preferred.
This will extend the project deadline to Tuesday, August 17th, 2022.


I would love to test this


Beautiful colours