Tester call for Crochet: Plain Sweater

I need testers for my Sweater Pattern! - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

There are six sizes available, and I mainly want to check that the sleeve lengths and neckline height are good!
Required gauge: 7 stitches x 6 rows = 5cm
For this I have used a 5mm hook. The yarn weight shown in the picture is 12ply, however I have tested the gauge with 10ply and 8ply as well, and they all look fine. So weight is up to you, as long as gauge is correct. You will also need a smaller hook (I’ve used 4mm) for the ribbing. Size xxs is shown in picture.

Sizing information:
To measure where the length will sit on you, put your tape measure right at the top of the highest point on your shoulder.
Sizes (Chest): XXS, XS, S, (M, L, XL) 88, 96, 102, (106, 112, 118) cms around
Sizes (Length): 60, 62, 68, (70, 72, 74) cms long
I am currently unsure of the yarn amounts, but I used about 600g for XXS and I would estimate up to 1000g for XL.

Journal is ESSENTIAL!!

Since this is quite a large project, you’ll have until November 30th 2023 to complete (approximately 6 weeks). I will require regular updates from you please!

Please comment with what yarn you’ll use (colour and weight), and the size you’ll work with!! I’d love to see some pretty colours :smiley:

Upon completion you’ll receive the final copy of the pattern for free! Any questions let me know, I’m also on instagram (@silverfishcrochet).


If you’d prefer the PDF version, I have that available as well!


I’d be interested in testing this. I’ll have to see if I have enough yarn before requesting to be a tester since I’m not sure if I can afford extra skeins if I run out in the middle

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No problem!!!


I would love to test this . I would probably make an xs in brown, weight 4 yarn. It might be about three weeks before I could get the yarn but I think I can finish in time. I’ve been looking for the perfect basic sweater pattern and I think this is it <3

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I would love to test . I would do a large in yarn pictured

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I love the colours through that!! Such a vibe

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I’m interested but I need to check my gage in a color and yarn that isn’t stretched from frogging multiple times. My local stores mostly carry red heart super saver.

I prefer neutral colors so if I can meet gage and they have a grey I will probably choose that.


I have a couple questions that I forgot to ask when I first posted:

Is your gage for US single crochet? If so I can meet it with some of the darker RHSS colors and a 5.5 mm hook.

Is this pattern suitable for someone who hasn’t made a fitted garment before?

These are the colors I’ve met gage on. I’m leaning more towards the purple but I still have to check to see what the shop has. The lighter colors unfortunately are thinner and I can’t meet gage on them.

Edit: I’d be making a size small

Gauge is for US hdc!!! Should have mentioned that :sweat_smile:
The purple is lovely!!

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I would use Stylecraft Aran in shade khaki and size m

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Unfortunately both are exactly 7 stitches and 6 rows per 5cm in US SC and I don’t think I have any yarn that will meet gage so I will have to pass this time.

Good luck with testing! It looks like a lovely sweater :heart:

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You can have another go with different hook sizes! If youre in single crochet i tuink changing down a hook size or two might work for you :slight_smile:
But otherwise thanks for your time!!

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Unfortunately I can only meet the row count or the stitch count at this time. I look forward to the finished pattern though :heart:

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No worries!

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