Tester call for Crochet: Pokeball (Pokemon)

I need testers for my pokeball
Due Date: June 19, 2024
Additional Requirements:
:sparkling_heart: no hook and yarn size requirements
:sparkling_heart: i would like one person to have about the same color. if you dont have the same colors thats ok. i like varaitey. no multi color yarn please
:sparkling_heart: i would like a journal
:sparkling_heart: feedback good and bad. please i need all the feedback i can get.
:sparkling_heart: be active in group message. NO GHOSTING :ghost:
:sparkling_heart:if you need more time. please ask. i don’t bite :shark:
more info:
it is the easy
for this pattern you need to no how to:
-color change
-make a mr
-be at least a beginner
:sparkling_heart: if you read all the requirements and want to test comment your color emoji

you will get this pattern as a gift when completed and pic/journal is done
Click pattern photo to apply:
Pokeball (Pokemon)

more pics

thank you


What’s a color emoji? :woman_shrugging:
I would use acrylic and I have those colors.


Ahhh it’s amazing! I’d love to test! I’d use the same colors! :heart::white_heart::black_heart:


I would love to test! I would probably make a master ball or a great ball :heart:


So cute glll


accpeted you @littlemisswonderful @EllaCrochetz @crotchetingcreations


Thanks! Can’t wait to get started!

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I don’t know what a color emoji but my favorite color is aqua 🩡

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My grand baby would love this! I can definitely test!. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

you forgot to apply

Hi I would luv to test out your pattern. I would use Bernat Blanket yarn in the same colors. :heart::white_heart::black_heart:

I have the right colors in acrylic worsted weight yarn :hugs: I’d love to help

:heart::black_heart::white_heart: would like to use sparkle yarn. 4mm hook

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