Tester call for Crochet: Pumpkin keychain , i will be picking testers today and tomorrow, You may do whatever colors you have or prefer, you have to use chunky yarn though the due date is december the first

I need testers for my Pumpkin keychain - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:


I would also add the due date, when you’ll be picking testers, if a specific yarn/yarn color is needed and any other requirements you may have for testers, congrats on your first post and good luck with testing! :smile:

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Thank you , i will today actually would you like to be one ! If you want to use different colors i do not care , that is just what i used!

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So cute as a keychain

Thank you !

Hey guys today is the day to become one of my testers, comment me if you would like to be one, if i do not have any testers by the end of the day , i will have my tester call will be open for one more day, but as i have said before i am closeting the tester call if i have someone!

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Picking testers for what pattern? It would be good to have a photo of project & link to apply for pattern attached in your post.

More information: Yarn requirements if any. And duedate as well should be added

I already posted the picture with the like and all that , this is just a reminder to any one who wants to be one

I can test for you.

Great !

All you need to do is tap on my picture of the product above and you can be one !

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