Tester call for Crochet: Shark Family

I am looking for 3-5 testers for my shark family pattern! There are 3 different sharks in this pattern: baby shark, mama shark, and daddy shark! I am looking for testers that are:
-committed to completing the pattern by October 28
-one tester to use the yarn provided in the pattern (~$10), [let me know in the comments if you are willing to be that tester]
-one tester to each shark, if you’d like to do all 3, that would be great too!
-comfortable sharing revisions with me
-willing to post a journal and to social media accounts tagging me

If you have the time, please fill out my Google Form for potential pattern testers so that I have your information and can refer to you for future pattern testing (not required)

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you! I will choose the testers within 2 days!

Click pattern photo to apply:


I’d love to test them! My baby is obsessed with them
You can check out my work on IG @live.love.crochet7


Do you have to use felt?


Yes, this pattern requires felt for the facial features. I have very thorough instructions on how to cut them to get the best result :slight_smile:


Id love to test these one of my daughters is obsessed with baby shark


My little boy loves baby shark. Love to test. On my Instagram you can see what I have made already

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