Tester call for Crochet: Super Mario ? Block Pillow

I need testers for my Super Mario ? Block Pillow - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:


I would love to test but the picture failed to load. Gotta wait for the picture to fully load before you complete. If you aren’t sure, hit the screen button on the bottom right for a preview. Then either hit the message to confirm or pencil to edit. :slight_smile:
I make alot of game related stuff :slight_smile:

Also I would include any related Information regarding the test.
Such as:
Due date?
Yarn or hook requirements?
This lets people know if they have the skill.or materials to apply.


There is actually the smallest little picture there with a number beside it. I clicked on a whim and it let me apply! :melting_face:

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Yes but people still need to be able to see the picture of what they are applying for. It still requires a working image of the finished product or people can’t know what they are making.


I would love to test but unfortunatly I can’t see the picture

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That’s what I am saying. People can’t/won’t apply if they can’t see what they are applying for, if they don’t know the requirements of the test. When is the due date? What yarn? What hook? How detailed a journal? Etc.
Yes there is a small broken image icon but people can’t apply if they don’t know what they are applying to make. That’s what I was telling @Thatcanadianmom


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