Tester call for Crochet: Updated : Chunky Mallow Duck

I need testers for my Updated : Chunky Mallow Duck - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

Due Date : 20th of October

Yarn : Anything Classified As Super Chunky

Hook : Just Whatever Works For The Yarn

The Materials Are Mentioned In The Pattern (Yarn And Hook) Too Which Are The Ones Best Suited For The Size Of The Pattern Project

Use A Journal And Post Picture Too!


due date, is journaling required or optional, yarn requirements?


due date?
yarn requirements?
need a journal?
specific hook size?


I’ve Updated It


It’s Been Updated


I would love to test this little guy

I would love to test this lil guy if you need an extra person

Feel free to apply I need as many people as possible :slight_smile:

Feel free the more people testing the better

So cutee, love it.

Hi! I would love to test if it’s still open :slight_smile:

I dont have any chunky yarn :sob:

Terribly sorry I have a lot of testers as of now probably even to many thanks though I will be opening testing for another pattern soon

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