Tester call for Crochet: UPDATED-Hearts Chart - GRAPH ONLY

I need testers for my UPDATED-Hearts Chart - GRAPH ONLY - Crochet ePattern

I have modified my Hearts Graph so it can create a continuous pattern of hearts. I’m looking for testers to try the pattern in this manner: at least 2 patterns wide and/or 2 patterns tall. 2 x 2 or bigger is also okay.

Due Date: June 30
Additional Requirements:
Your choice of yarn type, hook and colors. (I use medium weight acrylic and an H or I hook.)
Previous experience with graphs is a plus but not required.

I will likely accept all applicants as they come.

Click pattern photo to apply:
UPDATED-Hearts Chart - GRAPH ONLY(copy)


I applied! It looks really cute and fun to make so I’ll give it a try. I would probably use red and two blues for the yarn. It will also be acrylic or cotton. I will also use a G or 4 mm crochet hook.

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I only have one name in the testers list for this pattern but 3 applications.

If you applied and haven’t received access to the pattern, please let me know.

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I do not have it in my testing tab. Do you want me to re-apply?

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@MaddiIdell yes please.

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Just re-applyed!

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Thanks. You’re approved.

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