Tester call for Free Crochet Pattern - Kirby's Sidekick Waddle Dee Plush

I need testers for my Free Crochet Pattern - Kirby’s Sidekick Waddle Dee Plush

Due Date: 06/14/2024
Additional Requirements:

  • Acrylic 100% Yarn
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Bright red-orange
    • Beige
    • Brown (for the spear)
    • Silver (for the spear)
  • Poly-fil
  • Felting materials for the eyes and cheeks
    • Pink, White, Black
  • 1.75mm hook
  • 5in wooden stick (for the spear)
    Click pattern photo to apply:
    Free Crochet Pattern - Kirby\'s Sidekick Waddle Dee Plush

Sooo cute!!! I applied. :green_heart:


Aww cute! Gl with testers :blush:


Good luck on your testing! You’ll want to include any yarn/color/hook requirements you may have.

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Since there’s a new tester call that appears to be updated, I’m closing this one, here’s the new tester call for those interested!