Tester call for Knitting pattern: Lavinias tarot pouch

I need testers for my Lavinias tarot pouch - Knitting ePattern

This is an advanced pattern utilizing a lace technique sampled from the Japanese knitting stitch bible. Pattern will be free since the author of the JKSB encourages you to use and spread the beautiful motifs she writes. I wrote this as a challenge to myself, and to finally have a carrying case for my tarot cards, but the pouch itself will carry just about anything.
Size 0-1 dpn, sock weight yarn. Techniques include Yarn over, ssk, k2tog, left slanting double decrease, and bobbling. both written and charted instructions are included.
Feedback I’m looking for is if I need a more indepth explanation of stitches or if it’s harder to follow than intended or if the charts are wrong, basically I’ve been staring at them for hours and I can’t tell anymore
No deadline to finish, but communication appreciated in tester’s intention and progress. Journaling is super helpful!


That looks so cool! Wish I could knit lol



I do not have the time to actually knit this, but if you do not get any other offers, I can proof read it for you next week.


This is gorgeous :black_heart: good luck with testing!

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This is very beautiful!

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Hi! I would love to test this!

Really?! Ok sure I’ll add you on! Thank you!

Wow! That is beautiful! :heart_eyes: I’m terribly slow at knitting :rofl: but once you have the pattern released I will have to try my hand at it because I have some decks that could use a beautiful bag! Good luck on your test! And amazing job :heart_eyes: