Tester call for pattern-Crochet pattern: Skull Appliqué - Large

I need testers for my Skull Appliqué - Large - pattern-Crochet ePattern

HI everyone! Looking to get 3-5 testers for my new appliqué pattern. The pattern itself is fairly beginner friendly, but it does use a Quadruple Crochet for the “teeth” portion (I have included instructions and a photo tutorial in the pattern of this stitch!), and it also requires you to finish off and reattach your yarn in a different place for parts of it. (So if you’r not much for weaving in ends, this piece probably isn’t for you - although it’s really not too many ends to be honest)

DUE DATE: Monday April 24th

Worsted Weight (WW) #4 yarn in any color you chose!
E 3.5mm Crochet hook
Yarn needle to weave in ends

TESTER REQUIREMENTS: I ask that testers ask any/all questions they may have about the piece while testing. Even if it may seem silly! I strive for beginner friendly patterns but know that because I have been designing for a few years now that I may take for granted the knowledge I do have. I also ask that all testers share a finished photo of their piece once complete. I love sharing tester makes on my socials! You guys work hard and deserve ALL the credit for what you do! In return you will also receive the pattern gifted to you once testing is complete/pattern released.

I will leave the testers call “up” through Sunday, April 16th - at that time I will pick and assign the testers chosen to test. I’d love to see a pic of something you’ve created as a way for me to gauge if you are a good fit for what I’m looking for. Feel free to provide any comments regarding if you’ve been a tester in the past, how long you’ve been crocheting for, or what you’re favorite type of crochet make is!

On that note, while I have been designing for a few years now, and I do have a regular testing group of my own, this is my first time using this feature here on Ribblr, so in advance I appreciate any/all patience as I figure out this awesome feature they provide!


Hi there! I’ve been learning crochet for about 5 months now, a mix of appliqué, amigurumi, and just finished my first wearable.

I’ve completed about 5 tests here on Ribblr, most of which I used the Journal feature. Those feedbacks and progress pictures are set to public, and examples of my past tester work are on my IG (also in my profile, I don’t know if I can link directly here)

The mushroom and poptarts were both tests, balloon dog was a normal make


I would love to test :heart:

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This looks sick! Best of luck with testing!!

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Your work is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you! Really looking forward to trying out the testing feature on here.

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hi i would love to test your pattern. I have been crocheting for about five years now, I have been tester for i think a mouth. I have done blankets, wearables, and amigurumis i love to do free hand crochet.
these are some of the thing I have crochet

death moth a dice bag and a Hufflepuff hat.

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Your work is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

I would love to test!!! I have been crocheting, knitting, loom knitting, weaving and sewing for about 7 years. I have tested in the past and still testing now. I like to crochet appliqués, stuffed animals and clothing items.
Uploading: 77297094-8429-4A44-8559-286E79880549.jpeg…
Uploading: 1A7CD376-B658-417F-AFB6-670B9DDA4415.jpeg…
Uploading: 290BD182-4A24-41A8-9B43-69F0D9DBFC45.jpeg…
More of my makes can be found on my profile

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Thank you for sharing your work! It looks great! I will be adding testers to the test shortly

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