Tester call for pattern-Crochet pattern: Super Mario Star

I need testers for my Super Mario Star. Deadline is March 31st and you can use any worsted weight yarn in yellow, black, and white. pattern-Crochet ePattern


cute! If you put the deadline and yarn that would help testers!

I might be willing to test if you let me know the yarn size, deadline, and what size the finished product is.

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Thanks for letting me know! I just updated the post.

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Thanks for showing an interest! I just edited the original post to include yarn weight and the deadline. The finished product is 4x4”, so it’s quite small.


I have red heart super saver yarn. If that is cool, I’d like to test for you! :sparkles: also welcome!

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Thanks for showing an interest! That would work out great! :relaxed:

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So cute!

Thank you so much!

I’d love to test! I’m actually supposed to have already made all of the Mario Kart power-ups for my daughter… I haven’t started yet, lol

That would be great! Any worsted weight yarn is fine, even if you don’t have the yellow. I’ll share the pattern with you in a bit. Thanks! :blush:

I could test if still needed!

That would be wonderful! I’ll send you the pattern in a second. Thank you :relaxed:

If you are still in need for testers, i would like to test your pattern, it is super cute.

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Thank you for showing an interest! I’ll send you the pattern shortly. Thank you so much for helping me with this :blush:

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I did not receive pattern

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I added you as a tester last night. Would you like me to remove you and add you again? It might be a glitch or something

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I’ll test for you if you need me to. Would I be able to not put the eyes on, so it can be a generic star? If so, I’ll test for you. Thanks!

Thanks for your interest! I actually have enough testers for this pattern, but keep an eye out for future patterns of mine. Thanks again!