Tester call for pattern-Crochet pattern: Toothless Beanie

I need testers for my Toothless Beanie - pattern-Crochet.
CLOSED thank you to everyone who was interested! testers have been contacted and the pattern will be released soon ePattern


would love to test your pattern for the hat!!

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Would love to test this for you! Do you have a timeline or specific yarns needed?

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hello! id say sometime in the next two weeks for the pattern. it took me three days cause of other everyday life things ofc, but if you have free time then i’d say it would take 1-2 days. The yarn i used was a medium 4 so i’d suggest that, however it should work with any yarn!

side note: i’d love to have you test it and i can add you to the pattern now if you’d like

I would love to test

Sounds great and i would love to test for you!

awesome! i’ll add you to the testers :]

i’ll add you to the testers!

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Looks really cool! I look forward to the release!

Can I please test this it’s sooo cooll

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