Tester call for pattern-Crochet pattern: Voyagee

Calling all testers up for a challenge. This inspired bohemian top will be free to test but later will become a paid pattern. This is the first pattern I designed so will welcome all constructive criticism for improvement.

Am aiming testers be completed by March 12th
( takes 1 day to complete )

Used Pearl beads ( beads are optional for test pattern)

Used weight 3 & 4 yarn 1 ball each. Sleeves may be detachable. Can use any yarn of your choice. Is a size pattern so measure as you work along.

#crochet #testers #testing #goodvibes


Its so cute, good luck with testing!

Oooo I’d love to test!!

Awesome :sparkles: Thanks will send your way

Super cute! Good luck with testing!

Cute! Good luck with your test
Let me know if you’d like me to proofread (I don’t have time to test right now)

I’d love to test if you still need more testers. Good luck on your test either way! :heartpulse:

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Hi! I’d love to test
I think I could finish this in about 2 days.


May I ask what the size range is, since you said this was sized?

Thanks heart​:two_hearts:

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Will send your way


Any size all based on your measurements when pattern is fully released there is a chart

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I’m out of regular sizing that’s why I asked :slight_smile: I’ll have to skip on this one then, but good luck with testing!

Yes thank you you mind if I follow you before I release it I would like you to proofread if have time ?


Looking for 3 more testers :eyes:??

Yep, I can proofread :grin:

so cute!!! I’d love to test it!

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would love to help

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hi I would love to test this patten out for you!!!

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