Tester call for pattern-Crochet pattern: Whale

I need testers for my Whale - pattern-Crochet ePattern


I’d love to test! Are there any requirements, and what is the deadline?

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Yes please​:heart: would love to

I’d be down to test depending on deadline and requirements

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I would like to test!:heart:

yes, i would love to test patterns. especially that whale

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Id love to test the pattern!

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Happy to test if still looking

OOOO this looks so cute i would love to test

Would love to test please, are there any requirements and what is the deadline :bouquet:

What size is it? I might want to test for you.

I’d like to test this. Do you have specific yarn and weights/needle sizes in mind? (what did you use and how big was it?)

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super cute!! can i test?

Id loveeeeeee to test plsssss!!!

Hey i would love to test this! Is there a deadline?

I’d love to test the pattern! Is it a deadline and how big is it?:blush:


HI, I would like to test depending on the due date and the requirements. Could you share that information with me? It’s super cute! :slight_smile:

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Hi i would like to test it but with acrylic yarn if ur okay with that?

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Thank you to everyone who has applied I have chosen my testers!


I would be willing to test if you’re still looking

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