Tester call post with pattern

Every time I get a new pattern to test I’m always having to go back to the testing zone and look for the pattern post to see the due date and any of the requirements. So I was thinking of having the testing post be included with the pattern itself, like when you click on the pattern to test you’ll also see the testing call in the pattern, or maybe a link that says “see tester call” just like the videos that show you some stitches. This would only be present while the pattern is in the testing phase it will not be there once the pattern has been released.

Sorry if this is confusing it sounded better when explaining in my head


I know exactly what you mean! Remembering the specific things each pattern maker wants can get really confusing I would love that feature!


Yes I know what you mean! Ive had that issue so many times! As a tester myself I understand how stressful that can be trying to remember dates, especially if youre working on a couple test at a time.

Everytime I hold a tester call, I post the duedate on the post, in the groupchat , and half way through the testing period ill post in groupchat again to see how testers are doing/duedate. Lastly I post the duedate in the info slot of the pattern! And when its time to release that pattern I just delete that little info :slight_smile:

I feel like being imformative & communicating helps a long the way!