TESTER CALL!! Tunisian crochet Headband/Ear Warmer Pattern

I am in need of testers for my Tunisian crochet headband/ear warmer! I know winter is almost over, so hoping to get this out there soon!!

This is an intermediate pattern. If you’re comfortable with crochet, you should be alright! But definitely not a beginner crochet pattern. Might be a great opportunity for you to try out Tunisian crochet! Looking at a shorter window for testing, possibly 2 weeks…

I am hoping that I’ll be able to get testers for:
Baby - 16 - 17" head circumference
Toddler - 18 - 19" head circumference
Child - 19 - 20"
Adult Small - 20 - 21"
Adult Large - 23"

I am also needing people to test the pdf version as well so if someone would rather have that than the Ribblr version please let me know and I’ll email them the pdf to test!!

For results, I would need:

  1. How much yarn of each color did you use? In yards!
  2. Did you meet gauge?
  3. Measurements of the height and width of the headband
  4. General thoughts?
  5. Anything you’d change?
  6. Pictures!


I would like to take up the challenge, please consider me :blush:


That’d be great! I’m going to message you a form to fill out!



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