Testers needed: No-sew Pencil

Hey guys! This is my first pattern here on Ribblr, and I’m so excited to share it with you! I understand its probably not going to get the same rage as the adorable plushies on here, but I need some testers for it. Here is the tester information:

  • Any yarn type is fine
  • Due ASAP, but no rush :slight_smile:
  • No journal is neccessary, but feel free to if you want
  • Give honest feedback and message me when confused
  • Stay along the color scheme (you can change it a bit if you want, just no random colors everywhere)

Message me @KnotsbyLola with any questions or concerns! Happy crocheting :yarn::heart:

Also- what do you guys think I should sell it for? Should it be free, or would people actually buy for a small amount? Thanks!


hello, I would like to test it, it is very adorable!


Hello I would like to test this it’s very cute!

I would love to test this patten

Greetings, I would like to be a tester for your pattern.
I would have to research competing patterns/tutorials to give proper feedback. However, I do think that the “no-sew” option is key due to not a lot of people like to sew in ends.
Thank you for your time and consideration!


Thank you everyone! I will add you now :slight_smile:

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I have added everyone here, please let me know if it worked!


I am not seeing the pattern but also I’m not quite sure where to look I have looked everywhere I think the pattern would be though.

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If you look in your patterns that you’ve saved, there should be an 3 options towards the top of the screen that says my patterns, Testing, and archive. You can press testing and see what patterns you have permission to test.
Hope this helps

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Yeah I’m not seeing the pattern under that section it says I have no patterns to test

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Ok lemme try to fix that

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I see it now!

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I have been added and I see the pattern. Thank you again for the opportunity!

Of course! thank you for being my tester!

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Could I test also?

Yes! I will add you now

There you go!

I can test if you still need a tester.

I’m not a tester, but I just wanted to say it is so cute and just as adorable (if not more so) than the plushies! Best of luck with it!