Hey guys I feel like an important of the fiber art community is testers they tell you how good your pattern is and if you need to make improvements I dunno if us designers wouldbe able to cope without them. I remember the first person who tested my first ever pattern, @Eclipse04 you were so amazing and I loved being able to work with you.

And now for my most recent testers @haiileymadison @thecrochetwizard @Sp00kyJilly @limejime08 @GabrielleW @cocorissa @Chachi03 @trashcrow @Thefrogkingemporium2 I might not have mentioned all the testers but you guys know who you are, u guys are so talented and I love seeing your interpretations of Sprouty and I can’t wait to release more patterns.

Thanks, :blush: :blush: :blush:


Such a great post! :raised_hands:

Love how we can celebrate everyone in our community.